I really like expressing myself creatively through the arts such as music

I make music and videos as spa water. these have come out on pedicure records and slyme records. Here is my song Mugwumps

I play audiovisual shows all around town (nyc). past venues have included wonderville, secret pour, and chashama. up next, berlin (the club not the city). here is a picture of me performing. usually i have my laptop and trusty midi keyboard

here are nice things people said about my music:

Spa Water continue(s) to test our boundaries with their ultra noisy, sonic extravaganza ‘SMUT’…. Proceed with caution!” – Last Day Deaf

“Down Beneath The Waves” feels like wandering around a huge shopping mall at Christmas with your pockets full of dried Martian mushroom caps. In this plunderphonics reverberation, the exaggerated, helium melodies and vocals fly out of the shimmering portal of a ’50s jazz bar. This sound falls and spreads endlessly, while simultaneously staying in place, and each time it transforms more and more into creepy, intrusive liminal space muzak. At 3:17 the track suddenly starts to crumble, leaving you in an unknown strange room.Grotesqualizer

I also do musical improv comedy with hey handsome and ephemera. you can see me perform every week at the magnet theater, producer’s club, funny’s, or elsewhere around town.

I do all my own graphics — posters, album covers, etc. Here is a poster i made:

If you wanna contact me, click this face which shows how i will feel when i read your message 🙂